Surface Maintenance

This term includes not just the maintenance but all the different methods for cleaning, maintaining and taking care of stainless steel surfaces.

In principal one differentiates between mechanical and chemical processes. Common mechanical processes are:

  • Glass bead blasting or blasting with other ferrite free blasting abrasives
  • Sanding, brushing and angle grinding

Mechanical processes have a fundamental and significant drawback. These processes unavoidably damage the surface and the passive layer. This will in turn increase the risk of corrosion. The metallic abrasion simulates a polished surface but ferrite and oxide particles that have been worked into the surface create an ideal breeding ground for corrosion nuclei. Even the subsequent application of a passivation solution cannot prevent this corrosion in the long-term.

The alternatives are the application of chemical cleaning and maintenance products, the use of pickling products, electrolytic polishing as well as the use off chemical products to create a new passive layer. These solutions ensure optimal corrosion resistance of the stainless steel surface as well as an effective and economical operation.

Pelox offers an optimal choice of product for every type of contamination and for every type of stainless steel as well as consultation with regards to the application of the product.

You can request to receive our little pamphlets for the correct care of stainless steel surfaces for a small nominal fee (currently only available in german).