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Surface cleaners

Remove large impurities of stainless steel surfaces

Surface cleaner - FR-D, FR-D special

Acid cleaning products for the cleaning of stainless steel surfaces

  • Removes contamination
  • Detach traces of oil and grease
  • also removes corrosion (thin layers of rust)
  • Effect: visible brigthening of material by deep cleaning

Application and Dosage
Surface cleaner can be applied either by spraying or dip. The minimum application period for stainless steels should be 15 min. 1 kg of product is sufficient for 8 -12 m²

Material: 1.4301
Material thickness: 6 mm
Treatment: hot rolled
Surface contamination: oils, greases, drilling emulsions, working traces, prints of working boots, thin layers of rust
Application time: 20min
Dosage: 8 m²/kg
Post treatment: Rinse with water at 150 bar high pressure
Result: Evenly brightened surface

To note!
Do not use and store product under heat influence. Please observe the hazard and safety advise on container label.

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