Caring for stainless steel surfaces

The measures to care for stainless steel surfaces can be done as a finishing treatment, cyclically or when and if necessary:

  • to maintain a top optical quality (removal of dirt and deposits)
  • for hygienic reasons (removal of sweat, dirt etc.)
  • to sanitise or conserve the value (removal of corrosion products and deposits)

Depending on environmental influences treating the surface with special stainless steel cleaners often is sufficient. Pelox offers a wide range of cleaning, maintenance and conservation products for various requirements and applications. We have a special kit available to remove annealing colours, oxides, impurities, deposits and corrosion products.

Pelox Profiset

Pelox Professional Set with cleaners Plus 1000 and Plus 3000 as well as special sponges and pads in a handy plastic box.

Preserving stainless steel surfaces

Stainless steel with a special surface structure such as polished, matted or brushed is often used for hygienic or purely decorative reasons. These structures must be maintained during use. For this it makes sense to perform a conservation of the surface on the one hand to prevent or delay deposits of liquid, gas or dust particles and on the other hand to significantly facilitate the cleaning of the surface. A series of sprays easily deals with this task.