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Spraying products

Various sprays for cleaning, care and treatment available

Spraying product - OS 540

Cleaning and maintenance product – suitable for the removal of organic contamination from all types of metallic material. Special characteristic: temperature resistant from -40 to +260°C.


Spraying product - F 520

Moisture protection – for temporary protection of all metallic materials, especially for outdoor storage, excellent penetration characteristics.


Spraying product - FT 600

Food Tech Oil moisture protection – for maintenance and conservation of equipment in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.


Spraying product - R 500

Degreasing spray – vigorous degreaser for all metal types. Will also remove stubborn adhesive residue.


Spraying product - Spritz-Ex 2000

Spatter protection spray - This protective film will prevent the welding spatter from adhering to working material and nozzles.


Spraying product - ES 600

Stainless steel spray – This is universally in all economic sectors. Microscopically fine stainless steel powder and carrier resin guarantee a high mechanical level of surface and atmospheric corrosion protection.