Stainless steel cleaning products

Pelox offers a full range of products for the treatment of stainless steel surfaces – from alkaline cleaners and degreasers, which are used as pre-treatment before pickling procedures, to various pickling and maintenance products as well as passivation solutions. The products are offered in standard container sizes from 1 to 1000 litres/ kilos. On request we can also supply you with samples for testing.

The product selection is rounded off with accessories such as pickling brushes, spraying equipment and suitable protective clothing. The products are listed in the following categories:

All products undergo stringent quality controls and are used on a daily basis in the operations of our subsidiary company eot.

Pickling bath for stainless steel

Pickling baths at our subsidiary eot. From left to right: preparation, on the hook over the pickling bath, after the pickling process.

In addition our other major focus is on permanent product improvement and development. New products are created constantly to meet with new requirements, environmental influences and developments in the stainless steel sector and products are also improved to become more environmentally friendly.

We have put together a short overview for each product category. Further information is available in form of PDF files for every product. (To open the file click on the product name or the tick in the PDF column.)