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Pickling Sprays

Products for pickling of stainless steel, ideal for the treatment of surfaces and welds

Pickling Spray - SP-K 3000, SP-K 3000 extra

Removes annealing colours, welding scale and corrosion products, traces of oil and grease from stainless steel surfaces.


Pickling Spray - SP-K 225

The Pickling sprays remove annealing colours, corrosion products and welding cinder from stainless steel surfaces in one process.


Pickling Spray - SP-K special

These pickling sprays remove annealing colours, welding scale, and all heavy corrosion products from the heat affected zone of stainless steel.


Pickling Spray - SP-VF

The pickling spray SP-VF remove annealing colours, corrosion products and medium welding scale.