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Pickling paste

For the treatment of welding seams and local corrosion

Pickling paste - TS-K 2000

The Pickling pastes remove annealing colours, welding scale and corrosion products in the area of welding and heat affected zones of stainless steel materials.

  • specially suitable for high
  • object temperatures.
  • short reaction times.
  • almost odourless.
  • very strong pickling action.

Application and Dosage
Remove contamination, grease and oil from the surface with acidic cleaners (FR-D) or alkaline degreasers (AR) before pickling. Stir pickling paste thoroughly before use. Apply evenly with a suitable brush.

Finally neutralise with water.
Use high pressure water jet.

Reaction Times: at approx. 25 - 30ºC about 10 min.
material: 1.4301 (304) cold rolled.
Welding technique: MIG {TIG}
Consumption: 1 kg per 150 250 linear metres

To note!
Do not use and store under heat influence. Please test product before use. Please observe the hazard and safety advice on container label.

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