Jobstory - Surface maintenance Railway station

Surface cleaner FR-D shines with excellent results in removing rust films

The Problem

Only a few months after installation extensive corrosion in the form of external rust started showing on stainless steel fittings (benches, handrails, waste bins, drain pipes) in the area of a railway station. This was mainly caused by deposits of ferrite particles that occur due to the abrasion in the braking process of the railway.

The task

  • actual removal of the corrosion
  • application of effective cleaning products

Cleaning technology

Surface cleaner FR-D was applied to the surfaces with a sponge. After an exposure time of 10 – 30 minutes the surface was rinsed with water (using handspray pressure pump P-DZ). The weather conditions at the time: dry, partly cloudy, 12 °C. To apply the surface cleaner it took 2 minutes per m² and per 5 running metres of handrail.

Effectiveness and requirements

The application of FR-D brought about an excellent result, the corrosion was removed completely. The application time varied depending on the surface structure with a maximum of 10 minutes for smooth, polished surfaces and up to 30 minutes on bead-blasted surfaces. Material usage: 0,5 kg per 10 m² or 100 running metres.

Additionally we tested the cleaner R 500. It succeeded in removing graffiti without difficulties.

Surface cleaner FR-D shines with excellent results in removing rust films

A bench near the railway line. Left: One can clearly see impurities caused by external rust and graffiti. Middle: The cleaning product is applied with a special sponge. Right: The bench is free from rust and graffiti.