Jobstory - Surface maintenance Facades

Metal sheeting of house facades radiates in new brilliance!

Initial Situation

The stainless steel sheets of a house façade were badly weather-beaten due to environmental influences such as rain and exhaust fumes. Impurities and corrosion were clearly visible. According to an expert's assessment the stainless steel sheets were beyond repair.


At first, various tests with different Pelox products were carried out on the house façades. The best results were achieved with the new acidic surface cleaner F-RD 50. The cleaner was applied evenly to the surface. The application time was about 30 – 60 minutes. Then the metal sheets were rinsed with a high pressure water cleaner. The result: The metal sheets were visible brighter and all the impurities and corrosion had been removed. We had been able to salvage them after all!

cleaning facades with stainless steel

Left: the heavily contaminated metal sheets. Middle: Application of the new surface cleaner F-RD 50. Right: the rinsing process.

cleaning facades with stainless steel

The cleaned metal sheets are ready for transportation and fitting.