Stainless Steel Surface Technology
A service company of Pelox

Pickling and Electrolytic polishing

Scope of Service

With the eot the Pelox-Group offers the service of pickling and electrolytic polishing of stainless steel equipment. We have a modern pickling plant with a basin size of 7,45 x 2,45 x 1,5 metres (length x height x width) with a crane system and travelling trolleys available for this.


Use of pickling spray on site

Pickling spray offers a very good alternative for extra-large structures. On request the procedure with pickling spray can be implemented on site on your premises or construction site. The waste water that accumulates is collected and will then be prepared and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Electrolytic polishing

Elektropolieren Elektropolieren

Electrolytic polishing is ideal for a visually superior and hygienically clean stainless steel surface. The result is a smooth, ultra-clean and resistant surface – a surface, which complies with the high requirements for example of the pharma-industry, food and beverage industries, medical technology and laboratories. The basin size of the electrolytic polishing bath is 7,50 x 2,30 x 1,4 metres (length x height x width).