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Degreasing bath

Alkaline universal-cleaner- and degreasing agent

Degreasing bath - AR-90

Product Description

The alkaline universal cleaner and degreasing agent AR90 is a water dilutable solution with low odour, for steel and other materials as plastic ceramics (tiles), floors etc. (Test should be applied before use in case of doubts).

AR 90 desolves all kind of pollution, oil, grease and organic mud.

The universal cleaner AR90 is a com- bination of classic cleaners and high tech adaption of tensid and chemical complex-builder to ensure a wide spread applicability.

Usage and dosage

The universal cleaner AR 90 is ready for use and can be thinned down with water, depending on the mud degree. To be applied under room temperature as bath or spray. To intense the reaction, mechanical support could be applied.

The time of reaction depends on the mud degree (between 5 and 60 minutes).

After use, the material should be water cleaned with high pressure. Higher room temperature will reduce the action time.

To note!
Do not use and store product under heat influence. Please observe the hazard and safety advise on container label.
The indication of product suitability and associated notes are based on our experience, are not recommendations and are not legally binding. Please test product before use. We reserve the right to amendments.

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