Case studies

In our opinion nothing gives you more insight into our products than telling you an actual real-life story about a specific case where they were put to use. In these case studies we can address various aspects such as amongst other things:

  • The type of stainless steel used
  • The properties of the surface
  • Environmental circumstances and location (maritime climate, industrial pollution)
  • Use of unsuitable cleaning products
  • Definition of the task and problem analysis
  • Choice of product
  • Techniques and duration of application
  • Finishing treatment

These case studies are often also applicable to other industries and/ or tasks. One thing they definitely prove, is that caring for stainless steel surfaces cannot be compared to regular cleaning and maintenance. At the same time they give you a good insight into the daily tasks of our application technicians. Exact problem analysis and product recommendation is mostly only possible on site.

Cleaning Stainless steel
Application technicians in action on site

We cannot tell you every story of all the tasks we have completed and problems we have solved – that would go beyond the scope of this website, but we will on occasion add to the case studies. If the stories listed don't give you answers to your questions, our application professionals are only a phone call away.