About Pelox

With its founding in 1956 Pelox has specialised itself in the manufacturing and sales of products to treat stainless steel surfaces.

With the continued advancement in this industry, stainless steel is today used as a material in many branches – from architecture to construction, from plant and mechanical engineering to the food and beverage industry.

Pelox Building
The business premises of Pelox in the Wedemark, north of Hanover

The requirements for the surface cleaning products have also increased – simultaneously having to improve effectiveness whilst being environmentally friendly. To some extent Pelox has managed this by reducing toxic content and using biologically degradable substances. This was made possible through new indicators, tensides and inhibitors.

Today Pelox offers a very broad range of pickling, cleaning and maintenance products for the treatment of stainless steel surfaces. Depending on the composition of the stainless steel, the type and degree of contamination, the prevalent external object condition or the desired surface appearance Pelox offers the optimal product from its product range and a solution to every problem.

Solutions – the perfect key word! Pelox does not only settle for the manufacturing and worldwide sales of products. We are available for advice and practical support for all your questions that are related to stainless steel – whether it be about product choice and the relevant spraying technology or about safety equipment. And we don't only consult you on the right product choice: With our second pillar eot taking care of especially difficult tasks on site is also covered.

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