18. July 2013

Since Juni the 7th we have certifications DIN EN ISO 9001 for Pelox and eot.

Certification Pelox
DIN EN ISO 9001 for Pelox
Certification eot
DIN EN ISO 9001 for eot

New on our website

02. December 2011

And, since December 2011, our website is now avaijable in English. Many thanks to Karin Mücke, Oceanview Tours and Translation, South Africa, for all the translation work.

New Product: Penetrating Degreasing Facilitator EEV

12. May 2011

This is a pre-treatment before using pickling baths and other pickling products to prevent the penetration into cracks and gaps and other hard to reach structures. Besides its degreasing properties it also removes annoying foil remnants. You will find detailed information on the product page for EEV.